add option to opt out of huge list of personalized ads with a single click

this would strengthen the privacy of dragon. yes google has an extension for this but i use dragon to get away from google and them having access to my data and though it says in the desription

“In spite of the standard Chrome permission warnings you may see when you install this extension, we do not track or keep any records related to websites you may visit.”

i still don’t trust them. maybe i’m just to paranoid idk but whatever. it’s just a suggestion

Opt to what? Opt out or opt in?

opt out of a huge list personalized ads. it’s in the name of the topic lol

You might want to re-read your title. :wink:

Do you want to add the word “out”, or should I?

good catch man. i was wondering why you were confused but now i can see why you were lol.

should i change the title in the other post under the original or will it auto update after a while

I wouldn’t worry about the reply titles. As long as the topic title is correct, that is really all that matters.