Add-on for VerificationEngine is not compatible with Firefox 4.0

when will this be fixed ?

I have also the same problem

awaiting for it to be fixed

when will this happen?

Hi Guys, & welcome to the forum

It seems like the developers are looking into different directions re: Vengine
they are preparing something really exciting in the nearest future 88) (doubts)

At this point I have to say that - the Vengine is dead (RIP)

Probably it will go into the big list of many “abandoned-ware(s)”

At the moment please be aware of the following thread(s) & the subsequent links inside

I’m sure that if you will read the above referred threads - you will be saved from huge troubles

Currently - my personal advise - please uninstall (!) the pathetic thing & keep in touch

Let’s hope that will change in the future

My regards

It’s unfortunate that a simple and useful security device is to be scrapped. However, life must go on.

I notice the SSL feature is widely used for Internet Explorer using IE’s gold padlock, I would like to suggest something similar (not necessarily the same) for Firefox 4.0 and later for those of us who prefer to use it instead of Internet Explorer.

My regards.

Hi mikey1352 and thank you for the reply

hehe! 1st, if we are talking about food - scraps or cracklings are very tasty , despite not necessarily healthy :smiley:

Then, speaking of Vengine - I don’t think it was scrapped. It looks like that, since it was always , so to speak “behind” , but

indeed, & let’s hope that it will be reincarnated, and will not become another abandon-ware

I’m not using IE, but I always have the latest (therefore, the troubles described above) in order to help some users
a side note: have you seen this video & discussion? ;D