Add "Mobile" Malware heuristics and signatures


I don’t think this has been requested before.

Some of the other virusscanners (avira, f-secure) also scan for mobile malware. Seeing as i update/sync my mobile device on the computer it would be great if Comodo was able to protect it by making sure all the applications i download are clean.

With mobile i mean: PDA/PNA(windows mobile) and GSM(symbian)

do you mean a mobile scanner? like a pda/symbian client? or just to scan devices connected to the computer?

This looks like its relating more to “Mobile Platform Security” Which Melih says in future it can be created.


No that has already been requested

Can i find a link to what he said exactly about Mobile Platform Security

What i mean is that CAV3 desktop version should be able to detect all malware that is targeting mobile platforms like windows mobile and symbian.

So i have my desktop pc with CAV3 installed, i download an application for my mobile phone that happens to be infected with a mobile malware. CAV3 should be able to detect and clean the file

Ah. With CAV3 around the corner, and the feature isn’t in it you can add it to the future wish list (v3) which will be created.