Add feature to select what to export/import from configuration

1. What actually happened or you saw:
I use two different configs often. The only thing I really want changing between configs are my firewall rules. Unfortunately, I cannot easily transfer my antivirus, defense+, and sandbox rules between my two configs. This request is to allow us to export specific security settings.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
When you press “Export” or “Import”, a popup box with five main options and multiple sub-options, along with text input field should show up.

The text field is the name of the config (used only if importing it not to overwrite a current config’s options).

Each of these would have a checkbox; indent the child checkboxes and accompanying text to make it easier to understand.
–Realtime Scan
—HIPS Rules
—HIPS Settings
—Protected Objects
—HIPS Groups
—Sandbox Settings
–Firewall Settings
–Application Rules
–Global rules
–Network Zones
–Website Filtering
-File Rating
–File Rating Settings
–File Groups
–File List
–Submitted Files
–Trusted Vendors

-Selecting all child checkboxes will auto-checkbox the parent checkbox.
-Certain checkboxes will auto-checkbox other checkboxes.
–For example - if you are exporting “Application Rules” for the firewall, you MUST export the “Rulesets” “Network Zones” and “Portsets” along with it. However, if you are exporting the “Network Zones”, you do NOT need to export anything along with it because it does not depend on any other firewall feature.
–Another example - if you are exporting the “HIPS Rules”, the “Rulesets” and “File Groups” must also be exported, because the “HIPS Rules” can depend upon the “Rulesets” and “File Groups”
-If a config is imported and is missing certain settings, which ever settings for those missing settings are currently active will stay the same.
-When importing, the user is presented with the same pop-up window as they were for exporting. All settings which were exported are auto-selected for importing, but the user can uncheck settings to exclude them from the import. The same dependency restrictions from exporting should apply. Moreover, if a setting has been excluded from the export, that checkbox will be greyed out (un-selectable).

3. Why you think it is desirable:
For those who use different configs, it’s a ridiculous process of either manually inputting the same data twice (can get VERY TEDIOUS very quickly), exporting both files to text files and manually changing the text file (which can corrupt a config and is also very tedious), or simply having different rules when you don’t want the rules to be different (i.e. the application doesn’t work the way you want it to).

4. Any other information:
This would be a great feature for keeping configs in-line with one another for options I don’t want being different between multiple configs.

It would be a good idea, often to format and reinstall the system when we import previous settings of the CIS, has been in the settings file (cfgx) locations unnecessary files HIPS, firewall, sandbox, trust files … In some cases, these pathsThey can be used to install malicious software data capture.

Already in the tracker.

I will move this wish request to “Added/Rejected Wishes” section.
Thank you.

Quite basic still not available?

Is there a workaround please to backup / restore (import / export) settings?