Add direct control for HIPS in the systray icon + TIMER for HIPS

The point of this topic is that when installing “known” (to my knowledge) safe application, it’s pretty useful to quickly switch HIPS mode from :


This, for 5 minutes and then switch back to maximum protection. So a TIMER would good not to forget HIPS on TRAINING MODE too …

Also is there are some apps you don’t want to sandbox because they won’t work or maybe I just want to use HIPS for a safe application to prevent it from connecting to internet via DNS RPC Client

Such flexibility isn’t available with the SANDBOX OR ALLOW EVERYTHING Thinking


Hi dougnukem, please add a poll.
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Thank you.

Thanks for the poll, voted. :-TU

I also voted.

I did however see a mod say that HIPS is for advanced users and hence not shown in the tray icon, well now we have an advanced view toggle, so if advanced view is active then HIPS options could be added to the tray icon, problem solved!

I think that accessing HIPS from tray is very important. Temporization is also useful since I forgot Defence+ disabled on the 2012 version after doing my stuff.

Besides a Windows experienced user, I am a developer and temporary disabling HIPS would be very useful. Sometimes, I compile very complicated projects under Visual Studio and HIPS gets very crazy about me doing that.

!ot! I prefer HIPS over Sandbox because I have better control. Additionally HIPS offers me enough information to understand the behavior of certain applications. I even spotted installers getting garbage into my PC. Still, I understand the idea that HIPS can be very irritating for most users where Sandbox is much simpler.

I like HIPS very, very, very much, but sometimes I just want to give it a biscuit to leave me alone for a while.


I’m always changing my CIS settings because of the way I use my PC so anything that makes this easier and more accessible gets my vote.

I understand Comodo’s wish to make CIS more user friendly for the average user, but perhaps we could have basic/advanced view settings for the systray and widget as well as for the main GUI.

Thanks for listening, I know I asked this on many threads …

Thank you

Another good feature would be the ability to “dock” the gadget and “auto-hide” it :wink: