Add Confirmation window to: Dont Sandbox/block it again and Run outisde Sandbox[M2347]

1. What actually happened or you saw:

When you press on: Don’t Sandbox it again, Don’t Block it Again and Run Outside Sandbox
you wont get a confirmation window.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:

Add confirmation alert window when you click on:
Don’t Sandbox it Again, Dont Block it Again and Run outside the sandbox

3. Why you think it is desirable:

If a user accidentaly click on: Don’t Sandbox it again, Dont Block It Again. Then they will have to go to the sandbox exclusions to remove that program. (The window says Sandbox, so they will most likely go to the Sandbox Exclusions and are not aware of the added rule to Trusted Applications)

However that program will also be added to Trusted applications without them knowing, and a confirmation window will help them from accidentaly adding the program to exclusions, and inform them that the program will also be added to Trusted applications.

If a user you have Sandbox is Configured to ask for untrusted applications and accidentaly click on Run outside Sandbox, a confirmation window would save the user.

4. Any other information, screenshots etc:
See my 2 pic for examples

My mistake. Meant to vote #2. That should be 4 #2 votes. This is a really desirable improvement for Comodo products in concept. :-TU and I hope this gets added.

BTW, I like better about the trust issue leaving unrecognized unrecognized and setting up the Ignore rule from an unblock to run outside containment for unrecognized instead of for trusted. It’s a matter of principle on the one hand and pride too, but, also, protecting this designation could prove valuable down the line with future improvements to Comodo. Example might be something that Viruscope can more easily track and watch, etc.

No doubt there should be a warning about running unrecognized outside of containment. Thx to BlueTesta for a great idea :-La. Hope it gets adopted…like the dog in the window LOL…

Just realized I did mean to vote the first vote (#1). Noticed the list of answered questions and thought that was supposed to correspond as an explanation of the vote choices after already voting correctly…

Yes - I agree after some time running CCAV. In the ‘heat of the moment’, when running / trying an application, it can be be one instinctive click that make s a lot of difference!

like the dog in the window

;D :-TU

Thanks :-TU

Dog excited to go to dog school

Less alerts, less questions, better it is for ordinary users.
What if we provide this option but de-selected by default?

I agree with Umesh. The truth is that most of the users (~90%) will not read this alert.
Adding it with default de-selected is OK but not really needed IMO.

Sounds good to me,

Some of my friends click on anything that come up on the screen (like the UAC alert).
So they will have a chance to “take back” their decision.

But at least give them a second chance . . .

Exactly :-TU

Good idea :-TU