Add button to refresh values on main GUI [V7B][M826]

1. What actually happened or you saw
The values on the main GUI only refresh every so often, I think 2 minutes(?) and there is no way to forcefully update this without closing and opening the GUI.

What values I mean can be seen highlighted in this image:

2. What you wanted to happen or see
Ideally these would be updated in real time but since that doesn’t seem to be an option I’d like the addition of a button that is used to refresh the values, additionally I’d like F5 support so you only need to press F5.

3. Why you think it is desirable
I think it’s desirable because we, or at least I, don’t want outdated information on the main GUI and I’d like to track the changes, for example see how many new network intrusions there are during maybe 5 or 10 seconds etc.

Additionally the button would help indicate that the values might be out of date.

4. Any other information
Button idea proposed by mouse1 here:

Thanks very much Sanya.


Thank you for putting this in the correct format. It has now been added to the tracker.

Thanks again.

I dont want either. I would prefer it to update real time.

We were told this wasn’t going to happen, why? I don’t know, so this wish is to “make the best out of a bad situation” if that is the right term…

Well thats disappointing. U are right then to make the most of this situation i re vote to implement a F5 key or a refresh button so as long the button is unobtrusive and suits the GUI in logical maner.

Well at least that’s the information we got in this other wish: I personally hope for real-time update too.

I haven’t tested all, but some values appear to be updated in real time already.
The connections and traffic in the Firewall pane at least.

Uhh… I just realized it has inconsistent behavior… If you have it set to Advanced View already and then open the Main GUI these values won’t be updated in real-time but if you switch to Normal View and switch back to Advanced View then these values will start to update in real-time but if you close the GUI and open it again then it won’t update in real-time anymore. ???

Can you reproduce this behavior?

Hi Sanya,
That is a good find, yes that behaviour is reproducing here as well.
I think you have found a bug, not a wish. :slight_smile:

yawns I’ll… deal with it tomorrow… well technically today but… later today after having slept…

BTW, Captain, if you have time before I wake up, could you try if the same remains true for sandboxed file count?

Edit: Just checked and it does.

Thanks and sorry I didn’t get around to trying it. :slight_smile:

Values now update in real-time in the CIS 7.0.312140.4101 RC :-TU

This wish is no longer needed.

That’s great to hear. In that case I’ll move this to Resolved.