Add automatic clean parent/child files function to "reset sandbox"

Edit.: Wrong format.

1. What actually happened or you saw:
::: Comodo Internet Security 5, 6, 7 & 8 did not clean the files created by malwares or unknow apps when sandbox cleaned.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
::: I want You to add the ability to “reset sandbox” clean all temps and files created by the sandboxed apps that was running!!!

3. Why you think it is desirable:
::: This will increase the power of cleanning “trash” files created by malwares and the left over traces of malwares will be eliminated from the computer.

4. Any other information:
::: The cleanning thing could be done by pressing the Reset Sandbox button. When reseting th sandbox CIS 8 could “reset” (clean) all the temp files and other files generated by the sandboxed ones. I guess that for this to work good it will be necessary that CIS 8 register traces for any kind of child file and regkey generated by the parent file, so it could clean these files on reseting sandbox.



Please guys, vote and make COMODO staff and devs and Melih to see this request.

Would you like to emphasize on the cleaning or the forced termination?
Do note that you cannot reset applications that are restricted only, not virtualized.

If possible, could you provide some replication steps?


As there has been no reply, I will move this report to “Added/Rejected Wishes” section.

Thank you.

sorry my delay.

try to understand because i have a poor english.

when we get an unknow file running on our system it can damage things and/or it can install aditional stuffs, create logs, create temp files, etc. If comodo put an option to the “Reset sandbox” that make it “reset” (clean) all these stuff maybe we could be more safe aboout left files/cookies/temps/etc created by these unknow/suspicious/sandboxed files/apps/installers/etc.

Thats my point. Just another way to improve the “cleanning” of unnanted files on our system.

The language barier is not a problem here. I will try to understand your request.

Can you prove the contrary? :: That an unknown application causes the Sandbox not to reset everything?
I’m hoping that you are not misunderstanding the current behavior.
Obviously, reset action implies clean action (in the mentioned context).

Please consider some examples/steps. :slight_smile:

I agree with this request of yro. I wait this improvement :slight_smile: