Add an Network based intrusion detection/prevention system to the firewall

As we all know that CIS Free 2024 & other other Comodo 2024 products are going to release so it’s a suggestion & request to please kindly add a strong network based intrusion detection/prevention component in the firewall module and provide monthly or weekly updates for the same to block all kinds of latest network based intrusion & hack attempts & pentesting & remote access & all other kinds of known & unknown network intrusion attacks , it will definitely be of great help for all Comodo users & lovers worldwide

Firewall is different thing & Network intrusion detection/prevention is different thing , a network intrusion detection/prevention system can block all those latest hack attempts, intrusions, attacks that a standalone firewall can’t do alone

This is HIPS it is called as HOST Intrusion detection/prevention system that monitors system/OS related process & other unknown/known application process running on the system & it is not capable of defending against Network Attacks/Network Intrusions realtime which only a network intrusion detection/prevention component is capable of doing only , hope you understand it now

You can enable Block Fragmented, Do Protocol Analysis and enable Anti-arp spoofing for network intrusion protection. See Firewall Setup For Maximum Security And Usability,Firewall Set Up, Spyware Scan (

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Agreed but it still lacks Remote Access Attack prevention/blocking, DOS/DDOS Attack prevention/blocking, Pentesting & Direct Exploit based Network attacks prevention & blocking & various other new & some specific kinds of network intrusion attempts detections & blocking, so adding a strong network intrusion detection/prevention module in the firewall will help in making the entire network protection much more complete & perfect in today’s cyber world & it will definitely make the upcoming CIS 2024 much much stronger & better & perfect & a complete security suite