Add All APPs to Launch Pad

Do you think it would be possible to add all the installed applications to launch pad. I was a little disappointed (:SAD) when the apps firewall, verification engine, anti-spam, and BO was not added like CA, Backup, and I-Vault. And also give the end user the option to use separate systray icons or add them to launch pad. :SMLR

i’ve had the same issue…installed firewall, antivirus, i-vault, anti-spam, back-up, and boclean.

so far the only one in the launch pad is i-vault, which coincidentally is the only one not in the start menu programs list.

how do i get all the tray icons into the launch pad, or how do i remove the launch pad? at the very least let’s get the splash screen to go away when i reboot without having to close it.

fyi: the launch pad still shows antivirus and backup in the “available applications” tab and the verification engine still showed in the “new services…” tab (but i removed it since it was crashing ie7…i think i saw a note about that lol).

oops, con’t lol

for the meantime i just killed it with startup cop.



You can’t add further applications to LaunchPad (unfortunate for those who like it) as it was discontinued for both FW & AV (and any software after that point). Only i-vault, anti-spam, backup use LP now, I think.

For removal of LP, go to Start/Run, type “services.msc” (no quotes). Find the entry for LaunchPad (sorry, I don’t remember the exact name) and set it to Disabled. Then go to Start/Run and type “msconfig” (no quotes). Go to the Startup tab, find the entry for CLPTray and uncheck that box. Apply, and Done.

Then reboot. Now that you’ve killed both the startup and the service, you can actually delete the LaunchPad folder and registry entries for complete removal.


if this piece of software has been discontinued then someone should go back and remove it; I certainly didn’t tell it to install and I wasn’t asked either. I believe my version of LP was installed with i-Vault, seeing as how its the only comodo product in it (also does not have start menu program list folder).

Here are the services I have been able to id as belonging to comodo: BOCore, Comodo Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Service, Comodo Application Agent, ComodoBackupService. Neither of these seem to be for CLPGuiApp or any other file belonging to LP. Should I just disable all comodo services or is there a service that is specifically for the LP?

I’ll be waiting for an answer on this as I am nearly ready to release this pc to my friend and don’t need more issues.

Thanks in advance!

sorry, keep forgetting crud you need:

winxp home sp2
comodo antivirus
comodo firewall

I didn’t think any other proggies were relevant, if that isn’t the case then just shout what you need to know.

lets get this little stuff fixed so we can start putting these products on clueless pc users computers.

go comodo!


LaunchPad has been removed from further versions of the application(s); however, Comodo is not redoing their code to accomplish this until they are updating the actual application in question. I just found that the recent version of Backup does not include LP. They’re slowly but surely eliminating it.

If you can’t find a Service for LaunchPad, don’t worry about it. By using MSCONFIG and unchecking CLP’s entry in the Startup tab, it won’t run at next reboot. Then you can delete the entire folder, c:\program files\comodo\launch pad. Reboot. Check to make sure this registry key is gone; if it’s still there, remove it.
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run Registry


that seems to have taken care of it. thanks much.

You’re quite welcome!