Add ability to set rules based on time

1. What actually happened or you saw:
Currently, you cannot set time variable in any rule (under Defense+, Firewall, etc). As for example, the end-user is unable to :

  • disallow Internet access at scheduled time (eg between 1:00 pm and 8:00 pm on all weekdays) ;
  • schedule program updates in weekends only ;
  • configure application access rights, such as ‘Run an executable’, for 1h ;
  • etc.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
The ability to schedule rules (with time variable).

3. Why you think it is desirable:
Provides the ability to granularly modify existing tasks as well as create new tasks and increases productivity.
Make a user’s experience more consistent and satisfying.

4. Any other information:
If possible, rules should be independent of windows date & time settings.

What are some specific places you’d like to see rules? Rules are certainly a part of the firewall, and HIPS too. Are the rules there sufficient? Can you give an example of a module and a rule you’d like to be able to make in it?

examples? ok.

  • make custom rules for schedule the automatic reset sandbox;
  • make custom rules for schedule the automatic set up of security modes (so user can make for example CIS goes paranoid with HIPS from 00:00pm to 06:00 amd and from 06:01 amd to 23:59 pm CIS goes to game mode without HIPS);
  • make custom rules for schedule procedure updates (not update in 6 x 6 hours but instead update when I want it to, for example, I could want to have CIS doing the updates 3 days in a week especifiyng these days and seting different days for each week).

these kind of freedom for us to make custom rules.

Sounds like mostly time-based scheduling. Some sort of control-program might work for that too and be more flexible. And something like this to the Windows scheduler:

 sandboxControl.exe -reset sandbox1

But I’m having a hard time envisioning that b/c you don’t ever create “sandbox1”. You just run an arbitrary process in its own, totally temporary, never-saved-or-named sandbox. So right now when you run something in a sandbox are there any controls on it? I’m trying it now and can’t find any.

I just noticed a couple things:

  • I think Virtual Desktop is “virtkiosk.exe”, so this really may be a great replacement for my aged kiosk software! Just drop a shortcut to that into my Startup group and BAM! Maybe. Must research…

  • a change I made while running that Virtual Desktop was accessible while running a program from my real Desktop in a sandbox. (I started Virtual Desktop, ran Notepad, created a file, closed Virtual Desktop, noted that the file didn’t exist, started Notepad in a Comodo Sandbox, and lo! The file created from within the Virtual Desktop was there!) So, I guess there’s just one sandbox and every process, even the Virtual Desktop, shares it.

Import/Export for anything related to rules is on the list.

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The idea is rather complex and this report could be improved.
I’ve made some edits. Does everything look correct?

Thank you.

qmarius, I think its good.

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