Add a site exceptions list to 'Suppress HTTP Referrer Header'.

Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header)
Some sites malfunction or get stuck in a continuous re-load loop with this function enabled.

I would like the ability to add these malfunctioning sites to an exception list, in preference to temporarily disabling the function each time a malfunction occurs.

Please vote, thanks. :slight_smile:


Also, does the current setting allow the webpage to know where I come from if I come from a site on the same webpage? I don’t care if the site knows I came from another page of that site, but I don’t want to know what third-party website I came from. I believe many of the malfunctions would be fixed if the websites had the ability to see what page I came from if it was the same domain… you know…

Hi SanyaIV,
As far as I know with suppress enabled it can block ‘sending of referrer information’ from within or from third party sites.
I do not no enough to give definite or accurate information.
HTTP referrer (AKA HTTP referer)-Wikipedia

Thanks for the vote.