Add a "Disable CTM" option

Hi all,

Would it not be nice if CTM has some option to disable the engine behind it. At least then we could disable it if it gives us a headache again. tI’m using CTM on 2 machines, and did encounter a few problems with the previous release. I did not dare to uninstall it due to the problems that others did encounter when they did the uninstall. Though i was not happy with CTM still being there on my pc’s too. A “disable ctm” option would then be nice to have to prevent CTM of eating my disk space. CIS and CAV can be disabled (which is normal for that kind of apps), so please add one to CTM too.

By the way, i did not encounter any problem yet with the latest CTM version.

PS: I apologize because i posted this “new feature request” as a new thread and not in the “New feature request…” thread, but i have the feeling that all new features in that thread aren’t really read anymore by the comodo guys. That thread is just too long.

Hi, marlonvdb
Thanks for your suggestion.
We will consider it in the future versions.