add a basic block/allow/ask to the view connection + feedback from a basic user

I’m not an experienced user and I find comodo incredibly hard to use:

● a basic firewall should enable the user to add simple rule to a running process. I expected in the “view process” to be able to set the basic rules (block/allow/ask). But that would have been maybe too easy…

Using high tech features is great, but please comodo don’t forget the basics on the way. Much of us are not experienced user and just can’t afford to spend hours to understand how your firewall work.

We only need to see running process, and be able to set those rules to each things running and to prevent some app accessing the web. That’s all.

● I also expected after allowing the qbittorrent.exe (qbittorrent) to don’t get thousand popups asking me if I want to allow connections passing through the app I just allowed. I would also have appreciated to don’t be redirected to such insanly complicated solution for a basic problem (allwing or not an app) (cf. Enabling File Sharing Applications like BitTorrent and Emule,Comodo Firewall| Internet Security v6.2 I did not do it, too complicate)

Please don’t be frustrated, I just wanted to let you know a basic user feedback. I thank for your work, even if I found the previous version (such as 5.0.16) were much easier to use, much more intuitive.

Locked and moved for double posting.