Adblocking in Comodo Dragon

I believe adblocking should be in Comodo by default. It would make Comodo easier to use around the web without seeing potential ads that may link to sites that may potentially contain malicious code or just normal ads.

Adblocking should always be an OPTION vs that of a feature. Chromium at this time will not auto-execute code like IE will (It’s gotten better). This is why IE is such a nightmare from a security standpoint.

Yes, I would also like to see adblocking in CD.


The lack of a true adblocking option is what prevented me to use Google Chrome. You may take a look at SRWare Iron implementation to get some ideas.

I totally agree with that! :-TU

Your lists are too good FanBoy ;D
Makes Iron about the best over all chrome based browser around.
Funny tho Iron will crash if you remove the adblock.ini (even if its blank).
I believe ChromePlus has also implemented your list in the list subscription section.

But problem with Chromeplus is that it runs slowly with the built-in adblocker enabled.

They say, adblocker extensions don’t block ads from being retrieved, but that ads are being hidden or discarded after the browser already loads the resources :stuck_out_tongue:

Built-in adblocker would be great! Javascript disabler would be even better. Pop-up blocking as well.

yes adblocking should always be an option but i think it should be a built in option and disabled by default.
a lot of people try and find a way to block ads. you’d think it would be a standard by now. also true adblocking should not just hide ads and collapse the empty space. it should actually block them from being downloaded period and collapse the empty space. this would also decrease page load time and in some cases how far down a user will have to scroll to access the real content of the web page that they’re visiting

+1. add a poll and i will vote yes