Adblock Extension (not plus) and Privdog

Hello dev’s!

Im tired of re-installing adblock plus every time i start comodo dragon. So i have installed adblock instead.

But in settings, under the extension option i can see this message:

This extension failed to redirect a network request to  because another extension (AdBlock) redirected it to about:blank.

Is there anything i can do, to fix this problem? Or is it even a problem? Should i be worried?

I checked the option: Allow access to file URL’s

And now i dont get that message anymore. Should i do this or not? Check that option?

Update 1: Checked again, and now i see that warning message again.

Update 2: Problem seems to be gone, after some google time, i found another adblock extension, adguard adblocker. Not getting any more warning messages from privdog any more.

Update 3: Back with adblock. Still getting this message. But now i have Disconnect extension running with privdog, dont know if thats a bad thing or not? Just wanted something that will block tracking stuff. If i click on privdog its showing blocked content, so it seems to work.

Maybe a dev can answer my question about that warning message, that i posted earlier?