Ad Blocker

Well it would be something like Ad Blocker - Stop pop-up windows, block ad sites, remove banners, image ads and flash ads.
The shorter and easier way to block the site with two clicks.
Sorry if double post.

Best Regard

If Adblock Plus already exists…

this would be great addition for privacy/security
may I suggest blocking URI request from a user blacklist with preferably regex maching

I personally feel this is a job for browser based applications. Such as Adblock Plus which has already been mentioned.

most browsers [even today] don’t have ways for blocking URI requests
[Firefox has this API, WebKit enabled browsers are going to get similar API soon]
the only [safe] way is to setup a local filtering proxy

for comodo this would mean another type of rule for the global firewall rules

Its a great idea,similar to what Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro has.

This is something that should be built into the web browser, Comodo Dragon and not CIS.

^I agree. It is not build into the CIS. But into the browser. Like all internet security software where it come installed in toolbar or addons instead of in the CIS.