Ad block plus now Sells ads


Didn’t you provide your AdTrustMedia ads in Privdog and Adsanitizer? Is this funny?
Both of those products claims the blocking ads (like AdblockPlus) but shows ads to its users…at those days you said “Internet needs ads to pay bills”
Now, Comodo Adblocker blocking all ads. This is why you laugh at this new?

I am LOLin’ to this :-TU

ABP users originally laughed at ATM, now the boot is on the other foot. :slight_smile:

Numerous sites now detect your adblocker and ask to exclude their site to continue, so advertising has evolved and bills still get paid. :-TU

There is a good quote from my friend.

History to near future :

Advertisers pays 5$ to website to show their ads
Advertisers pays 2$ to website to show their ads and 3$ to Adblocker not to block their ads
Advertisers pays 2$ to website to show their ads and Adblocker asks final users to be paid a 0,5$ for enabling the option to accept the certain ads. ;D

my first reaction to the article is, when will comodo delete adblock plus assciation on their ad blocker website ?
it is clear tat UBlock is the only reasonable option now, who can trust abp after this ? they are clearly on the wrong side, it would not surprise me if facebook will buy them in future, it would be a smart move for sure, since facebook lose a lot of ad money because of them.

Saw this coming. I suspect that they were planning it from the beginning.

When will we get a ublock version of the Android app? I hope it will be more customizable too sites like etc does not work with the as blocker enabled.

There is no good option on Android.
2 apps can give your needs.

1 - Adguard
No root required. Many local adblock filters, mobile adblock filter and malicious site blocking.
Best on Android. Blocks ads in apps and browsers. Filters all traffic.

2 - Comodo adblock
Easy to use. No options to set for your needs. Works with only easylist filters.
I see some ads while using it but it works. Filters all traffic.

Adguard did sound good but it did turn out it was not good enough since it did only support 2 specific browsers and not Chrome. So no thank you.
The comodo ad blocker for Android seen like abandonware seems to be no uodares

Adguard Adblocker on Android can block Chrome ads even with enabled data compress.
You should try Adguard the best app ever to block ads on Windows and Android :-TU

The one you are talking about is it a non google play version ?

Yes, you cannot find it on Google Play Store. Adguard for Android is here.
Google doesn’t want adblockers on their ad services…

Great thanks I downloaded first the google play version which seem to be a crippled version so that it works with google play policy.

Anywy this non google play version is simply amazing what an amazing app, very customizable. great design and it seem to work really good, and I like it has an built in firewall too.

This is the goodbye for comodo adblocker

Glad you liked it :slight_smile: I also liked it and I purchased to support them.
It also has Turkish filter for my local websites and ads on them :-TU

They well deserved the money 8)

How is the privacy aspects and privacy policy? For this app.

It is great! and believe me better than Comodo :-TU


Hi yigido,
That is just the same as trusting someone that says ‘trust me’.


So lets trust no one and use the best product for our needs :-TU

Thanks :slight_smile: