Ad-Aware engine added to VirusTotal

Another new engine has been added lately…Ad-Aware.

A lot of engines have been added since Google acquired VT. Many are URL-checkers.

Another one which uses Bitd… engine 88)

This is why I don’t understand…But they also have their own in house engine don’t they ? So maybe they’ll be able to handle some files from VT with their own team…

“Ad-Aware offers a superfast antivirus engine that works alongside our legendary anti-spyware technology.”
“Powered by behavior-based heuristic scanning, which blocks or suspends malicious processes and infected files that try to start or connect to your system.”
“Ad-Aware’s Safe Browsing feature scans for known bad URLs and websites.”

Not sure if their Safe Browsing is their own, or using Google’s API Safe Browsing. ???

I have never use Lavasoft, but I think it has multiple or triple engine