ad-aware Beta

just saw this on the lavasoft blog:

On November 10, we will release our first beta for the new version of Ad-Aware, due to be launched in January.

You’ll see some exciting changes to the new engine, which has been totally rebuilt from the ground up, including heuristics scans and integrated Ad-Watch Live! real-time protection against known threats (over 2 million by the time we release) as well as many of those not yet in our signature database. No more loading Ad-Watch as a separate tool! And we don’t even dare to put a number yet on how much we’ve improved the load on resources…you wouldn’t believe us if we did! But be assured you’ll be seeing those numbers soon.

Watch for the beta release – coming November 10! Just like last year, registered beta testers can log-in to our specially dedicated Beta Center in order to pick up the beta file and access other important resources, like the Beta Forums.

looks pretty interesting, im downloading and installing right now ;D

So … it’s says it spared on recources, care to give us a screenshot as proof ?


Here are to screens i took, looks nice :slight_smile:

when doing nothing it uses 7.280kb, when scanning around 12.900kb

Interesting I will try it out for sure!

I haven’t used ad-aware sense they released that new version then it has gone downhill.
Last version what I used was Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition 1.xx for me it has been dead ever sense.

But that new Ad-aware looks interesting let’s see how good it will be. I give it another shot maybe it’s better?

Thanks for the info!

EDIT: I remembered that I haw ad-aware beta testing account :slight_smile: so I will try it out now :stuck_out_tongue:
Installer is 38,3MB big

Doesn’t the symbol look just like PC Tools? :THNK

Yeah, I thought I had seen that one before… it is the same


only the scanning is enabled, the realtime protection and extra setting come in the next beta release…

■■■■■■! webbie!!! You could have said that before I downloaded the 38.3MB file!!! >:-D

Just kiddding… (:LGH)

lol sorry i forgot to mention it in my first post (:SHY)

■■■■, I’m not sure we can call it a beta version. It is more like a pre-pre-pre-pre-etc.-beta version.

I don’t like it as it is right now. I hope that GUI will be improved, as well.

I tested it and I don’t like it too for me its the same program just with smaller GUI what looks nice but usability is really BAD. I tested detection too used about 1000 new malware and it found ~600

I don’t like that it uses 2 services and has no real-time scanner (for now).
Its really bad beta there are many bugs but detection is not bad.
I hope next beta is better… 88)


Even the latest version of Ad Aware (official) installs a background service. Stupid for a free program that is suppose to be on demand. MBAM rules. Plain and simple.

38MB Installer?.. Look at Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware & SUPERAntispyware. MBAM uses 2MB & SAS uses 6MB! I will download a beta later to test it & I will report back.

EDIT: Ad-aware still doesn’t live up to the prime times once again! This new beta version of Ad-aware is 15MB Bigger then Ad-aware 2008, And it still runs a 33MB Service in the back ground, Even if Ad-aware is NOT running, And this is the free version! The Scanning speed is almost 4 times slower then SUPERAntispyware, Where SAS Ran a Full System Scan at 3 mins 45 seconds, Took Ad-aware 8 mins 40 seconds.

Sorry Lavasoft - These are only a [u]few reasons why I don’t recommend Ad-aware anymore to users. I remember the good old days of when Ad-aware was a fine Anti-Malware application, And 2MB! But now… It just can’t keep up with technology & detection. I have a strong suggestion for Ad-aware, Really re-engineer it from Scratch. Analyze EVERY little piece of code of the program, Evaluate the code, And really put it back to where it was 3 years ago or so. Download SUPERAntispyware & Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware and take a look at what there doing.

Conclusion: Keep your SAS & MBAM!


Well, I decided to give it a go in my production system. After performing a full system scan that took more than Well, I decided to give it a go in my production system. After performing a full system scan that took more than 1h30min the results were 4 infections (2 of them were two leak tests I had in my local drive and the 2 other were two registry entries of a a worm). You can see it in the image below.

Could it be? :THNK

I will be reporting and posting the same at lavasoft forum, but I what are your thoughts on this new journey of Lavasoft? Is my system really infected ??? and the new beta of Ad-aware is the only capable of finding it? :o

My guess is: FP. Still, what if is indeed an infection? Could this mean that Ad-aware, which according to their, had seen the full engine redesigned from scract, is the only engine able to find this infection? :THNK