Ad-aware 10 Early Preview

Free released at Majorgeeks.

Installed. It is light & looking at GUI & settings seems the RealTime protection is full i.e no such things as livewatch but just RealTime Protection. And the good thing is autoupdate is also full i.e set to autoupdate & check every 1 hour by default.

But the RealTime protection is disabled here & cannot be enabled.

Fix all mentions cannot connect to Lavasoft server?

Any info? Anyone installed & can give info?

Mod edit: this is a preview version of Ad-aware 10. Eric

Everyone at Lavasoft has been very hard at work to build the next-generation security and privacy software solution. Today, we are very excited to announce that we will be releasing very soon what we believe will become the new market standard in free security and privacy software. We call it Ad-Aware 10.

Our best software update yet brings all the privacy and security features you know and trust to a whole new level: it’s faster and slimmer, packs better protection, offers powerful new features and is wrapped in a brand new interface.

Faster and Slimmer

Ad-Aware 10 is faster and slimmer than it has ever been, making it one of the lightest security software on the market today. Performance improvements are so radical that Ad-Aware 10’s scan times are up to 4 times faster than the competition.

Ad-Aware 10 is not just fast, it’s also very light. CPU usage has been drastically slimmed down to a fraction and Ad-Aware 10’s Active Real-Time Protection consumes even less memory than a small text editor. With Ad-Aware 10, speed and performance are defining factors which we believe will firmly set a new standard in free security and privacy software.

Better Protection

As the original anti-malware company, Lavasoft has been creating award-winning, free security and privacy software since 1999. Born of the belief that online security should be available to everyone, we offer millions of users the maximum protection for their online identities and computers.

Ad-Aware 10’s improved Genocode Detection, rootkit protection and real-time detection will continue to provide a legendary anti-spyware protection against any intrusion or attack trying to steal your information.

Combined with a superfast antivirus engine that works brilliantly alongside it, Ad-Aware 10’s protection is absolutely second-to-none. The two engines work perfectly together to block malware from traditional viruses to the more common spyware attacks.

Because both engines are made to work seamlessly together, there are no conflicts or slow-downs typically associated with running two separate security programs – there’s just one easy and superfast security solution.

Powerful New Features in Ad-Aware FREE

With Ad-Aware 10, our commitment to offer more FREE security features than everyone else is boldly restated. We’re porting to Ad-Aware FREE more security features than it has ever had in its 12 years of history, thereby making it a direct free competitor to many of the top paid security software available on the market today.

Features such as Advanced Active Protection (up to now only included in our Pro version), Download Protection (blocks malware before it hits the disk) and Game Mode (silent mode) will now be available to all freeware users – at no additional cost at all.

Advanced New Features in Ad-Aware PRO

Our most popular software upgrade now comes with more advanced features than ever before to offer you a complete protection against the most dangerous forms of attacks and malware.

Ad-Aware PRO 10 will now come with features found in the most advanced security solutions for home and business use, including a top of the line two-way firewall, intrusion protection and an external storage scan.

New Interface

Ad-Aware 10’s brand new interface has been radically redesigned from the ground-up with usability as core principle. Its new look feels intuitive and organizes Ad-Aware’s most popular functions directly on the start-up window and advanced options are just one or two clicks away.

Src:Free Antivirus Download for PC | Adaware Virus Protection Software

I’ll waiting for it release ti Softpedia and see full of screenshot.

Something you should all be aware of (no pun intended)…

Anti-spyware company Lavasoft AB is now owned by a set of online entrepreneurs who have been linked with misleading websites.

The Montreal-based entrepreneurs, who purchased the company’s assets in January [2011], have previously been accused of selling the free versions of Lavasoft products to unwitting internet users as recently as 2007 via cyber-squatting sites.

Extract from: Were Lavasoft’s buyers once on its hit list? 11-Nov-2011 []

It is the Online Downloader at MajorGeeks.

Registration is required.

First initial update is big & is necessary for complete functioning i.e RealTime & OnDemand Scan cannot be enabled without performing initial updates.

1 bug I found. The Sunbelt Firewall Driver (I guess it uses Sunbelt FW engine for FW) gets installed & enabled in the network adapters with free version too. I think its a bug, right?

I guess it uses Vipre engine for AV. The latest database version are the same as Vipre. But shouldn’t it be different if it uses 2 engines Vipre & Inhouse i.e Ad-aware? What about Inhouse i.e Ad-aware database version number?

3 Processes. Here it is running light.

Few screenshots attached ---------

Testing on Real system XP SP3 now with zeroday malware -----------

[attachment deleted by admin]

Tested a little. It has little quirks. System becomes sluggish at times when it detects & deal with threats. Normally too at times system becomes sluggish.

I dont know if its coz of RAM here. I have 512 MB RAM.

To use free Vipre engine I think UnThreat Free is better than Ad-aware Free.

Installed it and I’m really liking it. Seems to be using both VIPRE engine (good thing) and their own protection (not sure about a definitions list or just heuristics). The program is super fast. Quick Scans are unbelievably quick. Full scans a little more lengthy than others (took 10 minutes more than Avast) but it found 2 files that Avast must have just skipped over (I head that many AVs skip files to increase performance).

I like the new UI too. It’s clear and clean though the colors are a little 1970s… Noticed the same bug as it installs the Firewall driver in Free (doesn’t seem to be working). It looks like they are still in beta because the site does not offer the new download.

Overall impression: I love it. It’s just so light I can’t even feel it while it’s scanning. Good job. I’m keeping it as it seems the security features are pretty much unbeaten for a free product.

Thank Naren for the screenshots and review.

What Vipre engine is it using? Vipre latest is engine 5.

In Ad-aware engine folder, rootkit mentions V4, threat detection mentions V3, fw mentions V5.

Which Vipre engine is it using for antimalware?

I am using it now…It’s quite light on resouce, I like it very much. I found that my laptop is running even faster after I have uninstalled Avast. I guess it is even lighter than MSE

One thing I have to say is I like Ad Aware 10 free version’s GUI and the way it updates the virus signature definition because the previous version was very lousy, it needed to turn off the program itself and then restart for every time it updates to newest virus signature definition.

However, I still need to observe its performance in order to see whether it is worth for me to recommend it to my family and friends.

Anyone here can tell me what is the performance settings in Ad Adware 10 free? Is it indicating the scanning speed?

on my way to install on my VM . . . will report back ;D

Crashed and burned. I opened 7 or 8 links on Malware Domain List in my VM and it detected 1 threat in real time. Right clicked the download folder and did a right click scan and nothing. I find it hard to believe this is using the Vipre engine and signatures. Nice GUI and light on resources other than that can’t say much for it. Just to add on Malware Domain List I went back 10 or 11 pages to give a bit of a chance. Not very impressive to say the least. If they add some sort of sand box, or HIPS, and get there detection rate up it might be usable. Signature based detection just does not cut it anymore.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Try running them.

Perhaps it does better in that respect.

Fair enough point. I didn’t delete them be back with the results. I’m curious to see if it makes any difference now that you bring it up.

I picked 15 more links and ran each one. It caught four and listed them as Trojan Generic. Out of the other 11 Hitman Pro found 9 infections. I went to run Malwarebyes to see what it might find and something did not like that. A window opened up and informed me Windows would be shutting down in 10 seconds. I tried to end the process shutting me down with task manager but was not quick enough. The VM then rebooted and I was greeted by a piece of Ransomware in French I believe. The system is totally locked. (I was going to post screen caps of the results.)

On the other hand it is new and a work in progress I guess. Maybe they will get better ? For now i don’t even think it’s useful as a second opinion.

Maybe Languy99 will take the time and do an in depth review.

Anyone here who has the problem of context scanning feature of Ad Adware 10? It is because I tried to scan a folder by using that, I found it has no response after I had clicked “scan with Ad-Aware.”

I am using Ad Aware version

I tested Ad-aware 10 Free & UnThreat Free as both uses Vipre engine, with 38 zeroday malware on real system XP SP3.

First I did a right click scan on 38 malware. The results were same for both Ad-aware & UnThreat i.e 13 malware missed. No probs with right click scan here.

Then I did execution test i.e I opened the folder containing 38 malware. The realtime component detected malware on opening the folder & left 16 malware. Executed all 16 & at the end 13 malware were left with both Ad-aware & UnThreat. So no probs with realtime rpotection too here.

The detection were same with both. UnThreat uses Vipre engine 4, any one know what Vipre engine Ad-aware uses?

Tested the same 38 malware with Avast 7 Beta. It missed 15 malware out of which 3 were autosandboxed, so it missed 12 malware.

Tested the same 38 malware with CAV. It missed 9 malware. All were either autosandboxed or got Unlimited Rights popups. One was found safe by cloud whitelist. Of the detected ones by CAV, 2 were detected by cloud AV & Cloud behaviour.

I also tested the same 38 malware with Avast 6. The difference between Avast 6 & 7 Beta was none. Only Avast 7 Beta autosandboxed 1 more malware compared to Avast 6.

Waiting for CIS 6 Beta & CCAV Beta…

I still experience the problem of right click scan…Maybe it’s still in beta version because Lavasoft’s official website still show the old version.

Hi guys!

According to the forum of Lavasoft, Ad Aware 10 is not released yet.

For more info, you can check the link as follows:

I edited the title and start post to inform this is a preview.

According to their forum, this new version has file protection, registry protection, process protection and network protection…Nice to see there is another good freeware in the market.