Activity Icon ?

I never have an icon in my lower righthand side showing that Comodo has loaded, and have to start the Comodo launchpad to get it to show up?

So I dont even know if its running half the time unless I try to access the network with a foriegn program.


Do you mean there is no icon for LaunchPad? Have you disabled LaunchPad from starting up - if not do you have any software which might block programs from adding themselves to the startup?

Could you give some details of your OS and what Comodo programs you have also which could be useful for helping you.


Well I only have Comodo PF updated to

I have windows XP home , sp2 , I dont have any other programs that would dissallow start up .

Comodo does start on its own however I dont know its running whereas I dont have any visual aid to tell me so. All my other programs yahoo msg , motherboard monitor etc. all show up in my lower right hand task bar , however Comodo doesn’t.

The launchpad icon is the only icon that comodo loads in the sys tray. Windows will hide inactive icons though. You can check in control panel, taskbar & startmenu.

Can you go to start>>run>>type ‘msconfig’ (without the quotes)>>click the Startup tab>>check that CLPTray and CPF is checked to load at startup.