Activity / Connections question

I had just updated my firewall, then I realize that the “close buttons” in the Activity window under the Connection tab are gone, is this correct? and if it is how can I close manually any connection? also it seams that it does not show all the connections exept if they are actually active. any thoughs???
Thanks in advance.

Yes, I noticed this as well, one of the finer points of comodo was being able to view connections that had already sent data out and where the data was sent, hopefully there is another way to block the connections that i just don’t know about yet.

Hi CuChulain, welcome to the forums.

The Close button was temporarily removed in 2.4 & it will return in a future release (no timescale given).

Also, to answer the other part of your question, CPF also now does not report on Listening ports, only Active connections. That, too, will return. :wink:


Thanks Guys for the info :), I hope this features return soon.