ActiveSync Question

I was having a problem connecting with ActiveSync when I first installed PF, I saw a post a while back on Active Sync which I applied (pasted below). Everything worked well after that for several months, however suddenly the problem is back and I cant connect with ActiveSync when PF is running. Other than regualr updates PF downloads nothing new has been installed on my system.

Any suggestions?

It seems activeSYNC needs some local ports(5721/990) to be allowed.

What you need to do is:

1- Go to “Security->Nework Montitor”,
2- Right click on the first rule(Rule Id = 0)
3- Select Add Rule->Add Before
4- Action “Allow”, Protocol “TCP”, Direction “In”
5- Source IP : “Single IP” = “”,
6- Remote IP : “Any”
6- Source Port : “Any”
8- Remote Port : “Any”
9- Click Ok button.

Now your first network control rule must be : Allow TCP IN FROM IP to IP ANY WHERE SOURCE PORT IS ANY AND REMOTE PORT IS ANY