Active Process/Connections Dialog related bugs ( beta) [CLOSED]

Yes, this behavior is really annoying. But one correction, it doesn’t return to the ‘top’, but to a selected item. Similar behavior is in the rules lists, if I create, modify or delete a rule, it jumps to the top of the list, this is even more annoying.

Here’s a couple things I’ve noticed…

  1. Sometimes the entire firewall crashes when trying to exit the Active Connections window.

  2. If you try to scroll in the Active Connections window (via mouse scroller) it can crash.

  3. When trying to collapse an entry in the connection tree, it immediately re-expands itself when it shouldn’t (at least, not in my opinion).

  4. When you resize the window, it doesn’t save the window size, when I feel like it should (like after reboots, crashes, etc).

Thanks. =) I’ll be monitoring the crashes, and seeing if I can grab a log when it happens. I apologize if these have been mentioned before.

Win XP Pro

The scroll on the connections list needs to be implemented better. It jumps back to the top every second, making it impossible to get to the entries at the bottom.

Pressing the ‘-’ icon next to a program name collapses the connections of the program, but just for a second again, before it is expanded again with a ‘+’ being shown.

Edit: Not sure if this qualifies for 64-bit however. :stuck_out_tongue:

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