Active Clean and Gaming *UPDATE*


sadly, either gaming or not, this application became to much of a hog, for lack of a better word. Applications and Games ran much slower, CPU/Memory usage much higher. Ccleaner even cleaned at 3-4 seconds as opposed to 0.3 seconds. I am running Vista Ultimate 64. I uninstalled.

case anyone had a question, yes, I did experience some lag issues, when gaming with Active Clean on. So, set it to OFF, no worries, do my usual clean couple times a day. Works wonders.

BTW, tried Comodo some years ago, and wasn’t happy. You guys are great, though! Excellent product (Comodo System Cleaner) now, you’ve done the right things, and listened to the Community Feedback, which is most important. I’ve even taken off Ccleaner, a product I’ve used for years. Very happy. Thank you.

Thank you for taking your time to registering and then giving Comodo feedback :slight_smile:


Yes, I’ve become accustomed to disabling everything but the essential programs before gaming.
But afterwards, I always go back and set ‘Active clean’ to ON because I love it!!!