Activation problem

I have a license key,and i can’t activate cis pro.
i get an message “error 12”
What can i do to solve the issue?

Hi kostasxanthi,

Can you clarify the steps what you have done and Kindly enclose the screenshort of that error.


I hope it’s okay if I piggy back on this topic, but I am experiencing the same issue as kostasxanthi when trying to activate the CIS Pro license for 3 PCs on my third machine (i.e., the first 2 machines were activated successfully). I have attached a screen shot for your reference.

What happened was that I clicked the “Subscription: Activate Now” (next to the “UPGRADE” button) which brought up the “Activate License” window. I copied the full license key from my confirmation email and pasted it into the “Enter your license key” field (as I had done for my 2 previous PCs), then clicked the “ACTIVATE” button. A new window pops up saying “Please wait while your license is activated …” but then is followed seconds later by another window stating, “An error occurred while activating the product … Error 12: Invalid license key”.

The only logical explanation I can provide why the 3rd license activation failed is because I previously used the license twice on the same PC when it was running Windows 7 and then again when I upgraded it today to Windows 10. (I first installed CIS on Windows 7 but the initial scan could never be completed because it froze repeatedly. I opened case RSB-406-12642 with GeekBuddy and then closed it after upgrading to Windows 10.) I am thinking that the license server registered the double activation on the same computer as the second and third license activation and interpreted my third PC activation as an attempt to license CIS on a 4th machine.

Does GeekBuddy have the ability to clear the 3rd activation on the server if this is the case?

With the experience I’ve had regarding that - I would advise against contacting Geek Buddy

Just raise a ticket through Support; give them a full explanation and they will be able to reset the activations to match your purchase

Hi grajewski,

Thank you for reporting and also enclosing the screenshot.
We will check this & notify you.


Hi grajewski,

Could you please email us at this department can verify and activate the license.

Thank you,

Will do … thanks Metheni :wink: