Activation code wasn't asked!

Hi! I had to reinstall CPF due to a small problem not worth mentioning. However, when I installed CPF and restarted my laptop, CPF did not ask me for a activation code! Thus, this makes me wonder if the CPF I downloaded is actually safe. I received the vertification and everything normal, but I was not asked for the activation code. My current version is 2.3. Is it safe? Thanks in advance.


Yes and actually it keeps this in registry I believe so unless you do a reinstall of your OS, you don’t have to worry about entering the activation code. I have done some sys restores that made me re-enter but not all. I couldn’t tell you where or what reg it is but I don’t believe it’s unsafe in any way. I actually like it so if I uninstall, I don’t have to re-activate.


Paul for being more correct it keeps it both in registry and in a file-certificate