Activating component control rules cuts off access completely

Hi. I recently installed version on Windows XP SP2. All has been working well for several days as I clicked Allow on many alerts. But today, strangely, web access has been completely cut off. If I set Computer Security Level to Allow All, then things work fine, but not on Custom. I deleted all the Applications monitored, just in case–no change.

The key seems to be the Component Monitor. It has been set on Learn Mode. If I turn it off, all works fine, but in On or Learn Mode, access is cut off–even though all the rules are set to Allow. Just in case, I deleted all the rules, figuring it could learn them again. No change. So I can’t get internet access unless the Component Monitor is turned off completely.

Any ideas? Is it a big deal if I just leave it off? Thanks for your help.

Hello ggaranhir, welcome to the forums!

According to this thread it may be OK to turn it off.

However, I’m not skilled enough to make any promise. Hopefully someone else could tell?


Thanks for your help!

No problem. :slight_smile:

So turning it off was the solution? I still don’t know why this is necessary in your case, so I’ll leave this thread open for anyone to continue.