Accidently blocked a file and I can't get it unblocked now.

When running a program called Zdoom I accidentally blocked the exe on my desktop, I see it in the sandbox as blocked, I choose to put it in safe file but it still won’t run. How can I fix this? If I put the sandbox to restricted or something it can run. I also looked in blocked files and its not there. I can see its in unrecognized I go to it, click it select move to trusted but STILL nothing.

Do you see the file under the Defense+ Rules tab?

No its not there.

You could look if the exe of Zdoom is not in the Blocked Applications in the exclusions of explorer.exe’s rule.

How do I check that?

Check for it in D+ Untrusted Files.

I presume your question was aimed at my previous post. To find the exclusion I was referring to, go to Defense+ > Computer Security Policy > find the rule for %windir%\explorer.exe > right click > edit > customize > run an executable > exclusions > click on modify and look if Zdoom.exe is not in the Blocked Applications. If yes, remove it.

Its not there but its working now for some reason.

It was probably submitted via cloud, analysed then added to Comodo safe list (White list).

Yup checked the safe files and its there :smiley:

The joys of the cloud, glad it is working. :slight_smile: