Accidentally "cleaned" file


It would seem that I have accidentally “cleaned” or “quarantined” my VNC Viewer application. It and Comodo had been running fine side by side for over 6 months until something popped up. I was worried so I pressed clean instead of ignore. But now I don’t know how to undo, as Comodo has deleted the actual exe file for the VNC app I was using.

I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit), and the Comodo Internet Security version if the free one.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Check in quarantine, it will be there.

Thank you for the response.

It wasn’t actually there at all. I know Comodo deleted / quarantined it, because the exe file had been moved directly after the Comodo warning about it. But definitely not in the part you mentioned (Antivirus > Quarantined Files) or anywhere else.

I ended up just reinstalling the program and it all works fine now, but that’s weird.

Were you using any previous versions as in previous versions Clean use to delete the file but now Clean quarantines the file.

Or it may be possible that if CIS is not able to quarantine a file it simply deletes the file but it would be good if it warns the user before deletion.

Nah I was using the same CIS as I am now, no change there.

Yeah I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be able to properly “quarantine” a file yet is still able to delete it completely. Not the end of the world in this case, but a bit random. Warning would be nice… I clicked “Clean” in case someone was hacking my remote desktop, but didn’t expect my actual program to vanish!