accessing CESM from an android

Hi, is there a way to access the CESM from a mobile phone? for Admins?


Comodo ESM console can’t be accessed from a mobile device.
It can be accessed from the following web browsers:
Microsoft Silverlight 5.1
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 or higher
Mozilla Firefox 21.0 or higher
Google Chrome 27.0 or higher
Comodo Dragon 27.0 or higher
Opera 12.x or higher
Safari 5 or higher
Maxthon Cloud Browser 4.x or higher


In the future would there be a mobile console for CESM? that would help out alot when it comes to Admin administration

We had an app for that back in the days of ESM 2.0 but currently have nothing in the queue for CESM app development. No reason why we shouldn’t resurrect it though.

Will play with the idea, thank you.

Kind regards,

Count me as highly interested in this as well. I have a Windows 8 phone.