Access internet from another computer

I have internet access through another computer firewalled with comodo. My problem is that since the computer’s got comodo firewall it’s blocking my ip acquisition, how do I go about solving this problem 88)


What version of Comodo Firewall?

I’m not sure, but I would say 2.4, since svchost.exe is allowed Internet access by default in version 3 (?).
Go to SecurityApplication Monitor.

Rule should be:

Action: Allow
Protocol: TCP OR UDP
Direction: Out
Source IP: Any (or yours)
Destination IP: Any
Source Port: Any
Destination Port: 53, 67, 68 (add 80 if you use Windows Update)

Anyways, if it’s CFP 3…

Go to FirewallAdvancedNetwork Security Policy. Find svchost.exe and change it from blocked to allowed.


Thanks, the firewall version I believe its 2.4 I guess I’ll just upgrade to ver. 3. Mucho easier!! (:KWL)

Okay, do that :wink:
I’ll keep this topic opened in case you’ll have problems connecting with version 3 too.