ACAD LT 2007 and DEP

When installing the Comodo Firewall it recommends turning Windows Data Execution Protection (DEP) on. However when this is on ACAD LT 07 will not run at all. You double click the short-cut icon…nothing happens. You double-click the .exe file and nothing happens, at all.

I went to the DEP exceptions box and added acadlt.exe but to no avail. It still would not run.

I have finally been able to get ACAD LT 07 to run with the DEPS turned off.

Any input from Comodo staff or others about this?

Win Xp sp2; Comodo Firewall Pro



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I personally disable DEP because I don’t need it. I like to live dangerously, but that’s besides the point. After you added it to the Exceptions list, did you reboot for the changes to be effective? I know DEP can be a pain to make it work sometimes. Here’s more from M$:

Soya, Thanks for your response.

Yes, I rebooted after adding it (Autocad) to the exceptions list. And rebooted. and rebooted. You get the picture. Ok, I disabled it (DEP). Seems alright for now. But, in disabling it is the security of Comodo compromised?

I uninstalled ZoneAlarm (free) and installed Comodo because of an online article that reviewed all of the Firewall Software out there. It listed Comodo as the number 1 firewall and ZoneAlarm (free) as a poor performer.

But ZoneAlarm didn’t cause troubles with my other software, nor did it require me to jump through hoops with M$ configuration concerns.

So, is Comodo (with DEP disabled) now a crippled program or is it still better than ZoneAlarm (free)?



What is DEP? I’ve searched on google and could never get a simple answer except that it’s an added security feature from Service Pack 2 that your standard security programs might not have, like anti-buffer overflow attacks. I think a more technical answer in relation to CFP from the CFP creator himself is better :):;msg28642#msg28642

(my former alias is Soyabeaner ;)). Seeing how this is relating to other products, particularly CFP, I’ll move it back to Firewall Help board.