Acad LT 2004 crashes

recently my AutocadLT2004 crashes.
“Unhandled access violation reading 0x0054 exception at 72c214h”

This may depend on both ComodoV5 and some windows uptade patch.
A few years ago a similar error happened in conflict with another firewall.

it only happens to me?

Please try:

Adding the following to buffer overflow exclusions (in D+ settings ~ Image execution control).

  • all the executables in the ACAD directory
  • Program Files\Common Files\Macrovision Shared\FLEXnet Publisher\FNPLicensingService.exe

If this fails, in addition, make them all installer/updaters in the computer security policy/D+ rules. Note that you should not use ACAD to execute unknown files after doing this.

I’ll move this to help so you can be assisted with this. If these fixes fail please ask a mod for this to be moved back to bugs.

Best wishes