About updating to

Currently, I’m using Comodo Backup version, and I saw your website promotion of version When I checked for updates using my current version, nothing happened. (:AGY)

So if I downloaded and installed the most recent version of this program from Comodo’s website, would I have to re-enter all of my settings and backup preferences? What is the main advantage of the newer version over I use Windows XP Home Ed., service pack 3, CD-ROM, CD-R/W, 736 MB RAM, 40 GB HD, Pentium 4 CPU 1.60 Ghz.


Betty (sisgail@aol.com

Hi Betty

If you are not having any problem with Comodo Backup, and are happy with it now then you will probably not benefit from the updates. Here are the improvements in the new version updates.

Release Notes for Comodo Backup

* Built-in scheduler is now responsible for both Scheduled jobs and Synchronization jobs.
* Comodo BackUp can now be configured to automatically check for updates every time you start the application.
* Comodo BackUp can be configured to automatically load every time a user logs in.
* Fixes to Built-in scheduler functionality
* Fixes to Service scheduler functionality
* Fixes to Synchronization mode functionality
* Various minor bugs reported by users

Release Notes for Comodo Backup

* This release provides complete functionality for Windows Vista users with all kinds of privileges
* Obsolete value of section "CB Active User" removed from registry HKLM startup section
* Disability of tray menu items "Open" and "Help" was fixed
* License menu item removed from tray menu
* Disability of menu item "Stop Built-In Scheduler" in application main menu and tray menu was fixed and changed to "Start/Stop Built-In Scheduler"
* Comodo Backup installer license agreement window was fixed to show license content properly
* Users that do not belong to group "Administrators" are not allowed to change "Backup Type"

It may pay you to read over the FAQ section before deciding.


Yes you will have to re-enter all of your settings and preferences as your version does not update. This may be the deciding factor for you.