about tray icon of CTM

some other software’s icon cannt appears in tray after i install CTM.
i edit the configration,set the tray icon of CTM hide in tray.but still a space is left there.

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hi, huyaowen

Is your system win7 or some other?

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thanks a lot.


but if i show the tray icon,some icons cannt display in tray.

In win7, I cannot reproduce the problem. Can you describe your steps more detailed? Thanks.

install CTM
restart and find some icons should have shown in tray,but no.
restart to test this issue again and again,but still cannt display these icons.

then ,set the CTM icon hidden in tray.
then ,something shown as that picture.

if i make CTM icon shown in tray,some icons should have shown in tray,but no.