About this virus?

this virus is not detected by CAVS & BOClean ( Win32/Pacex.Gen ) virus how to remove this virus? please help me (:SAD)

Try an online scan with Kaspersky :SMLR

Kaspersky will only detect it, but you will have to remove it manualy :slight_smile:

Eset will also remove it : ESET Online Scanner | ESET

Greetz, Red.

I think Kaspersky’s online scan will remove the virus, but it won’t protect you from upcoming threats. :slight_smile: I’m suggesting Kaspersky, because it’s better than NOD32 (at detecting bad guys) ;D

Eset’s scanner is a lot faster. :smiley: , but detection - not very good. Tried and tested :SMLR

hi guys i install kaspersky V6, and scan maybe 7 viruses is detected then i try to manualy remove in the regedit its work! but if you restart the laptop the virus is coming back again (:AGY) so i decided to removed the HDD from my laptop then i scan again with nod32 the virus detected is 17 viruses but still no luck (:SAD)

Try this link : Kaspersky Antivirus Software – Internet Protection | Kaspersky

Download the latest Kaspersky and scan again. (:WIN)

Can you tell us what the scanners detect ? In your first post you only mentioned one virus.

A tip : Do a virus scan and removal always in Safe Mode, and you have a better chance the infections will be removed. Eset online scan can also be done in Safe Mode + Network :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Yes. Rednose is right. SafeMode scan is more effective. And the viruses doesn’t work in safe mode (:KWL)

At least most of them don’t.

My mistake (:AGL) (:TNG)

hi guy’s thanks for the replies, i format my drive c: already (:SAD) but my partition still have a virus so i manualy delete the virus:

heres the procedure from my friend ;D

  1. Open “Run”
  2. Type regedit
  3. Locate “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ Curr entVersion\Explorer\MountPoints2”
  4. Delete all instance(s) of infected drive(s) by looking each Key/Folder. (Infected means sub-key with weird characters same.)
  5. Open Windows Explorer > Show hidden files including system files.
  6. Delete all instances of autorun

i removed thid file name < d.com > now its works fine (:CLP)

i will attach that file later here

That’s necessarily true. I also have “weird” keys in there, but they are legit. This is from an nLite’d pc no too long ago.

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