About the scan

I’m new to Comodo and I’m trying it because a friend recommended it.
The installer offered a scan before activating the firewall and I agreed to it. I won’t comment on the huge number of false positives (confirmed by many scans by many different antivirus services) because I saw that it’s a recurrent topic around here.

But it wouldn’t be a big deal if the list of scan reports could be easily accessed for verification. The scan ended and I can’t copy it, I can’t save it and, even worse, I can’t read some of the lines because they’re too long and the windows can’t be resized nor scrolled.

I don’t like to complain about it because I haven’t really tried it yet and it’s a freebie after all. But a minor improvement here may bring a lot of benefit.

PS: Sorry if someone saw the original subject. It’s scan! Scan! Not scam! Scan!!