About the new Engine

I have heard that COMODO is going to release a new antivirus engine or something to increase the detection ;D
I just want to know when will it be released and is it just editing on the hueristics values (Which of course can cause a major number of false positives) or a total rebuild for the hueristics or even an edition ???

please answer me if u have know this.

Will it be in V.5.1 version?

I’m starting to enjoy this topic. :)

Hi ahmed,

There was a time when you posted glowing reviews about Comodo Antivirus, such as this one for version 2.0 lol.

What happened for you to now go around the internet posting reviews saying that Comodo antivirus sucks?

Well I was disppointed of how much the detection went down ;D

The detection didn’t go down, just because you see a few new links tested on video which were unknown doesn’t mean that any other av would have detected them either.

The whole point of CIS is to prevent unknown infections and that is what it did.

Ahmed, check detection now. It’s better. On MDL very fresh malware are detection very well!

At all times you need to remember that prevention is infinitely more important than detection.

For example Sandboxie has a 0.00% detection rate yet prevents 99.99% of malware infections. :wink:

For CIS detection is more important from a usability perspective than one of security.

Actually I watched more than one test and they have CAV usually detect 2 or 3 viruses :wink:

I have seen you trashing Comodo all around and everytime people tries to explain you the way Comodo works by not relying solely on the AV definitions, however everytime as well, you just play deaf. It would seem you don’t care or you just have a closed opinion on this subject. I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to keep posting around here if you already have your own thinking with no posibility of listening what others say.

Good luck to you on whatever other AV solution you choose.

And good luck finding another AV solution that will scan his computer in the Cloud immediately after it starts…


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Unfortunately 14 year old kids like Ahmed can make comments on the internet which can be very harmful and may be taken seriously by other people who do not realise.

Not trying to be nasty in any way however ,while I agree that prevention is a very good thing , how can something be prevented, if you don’t know what to look for ?

Also , if CIS is to be accepted , more than what it already is , it makes sense that CIS be as usable/user friendly as possible, with no compromises in security . I have no problems at all using CIS . Then again , I’ve used CIS since v2 .

Come guys I’m not trying to hurt ur feelings :-
It’s just that I am a little disapointed of vertion 5 but I’ll give it another chance when the new AV edition release :-TU

Well age isn’t all that important ???

You’re not being nasty at all,in fact that’s a perfectly valid question.

You ask how can something be prevented,if you don’t know what is safe or not;well the important thing is that with regards to files on your system there are 3 possibilities:

1:Known malicious files…These are dealt with by the AV/BB.
2:Known safe files…Dealt with by whitelisting.

Third and possibly most important are the unknown files.These are dealt with by being treated as ‘potentially’ malware and as such are kept isolated from the rest of the system by the sandbox.

You’re right that user-friendliness is very important indeed.Earlier versions of CIS required a fair degree of computer knowledge in order to achieve maximum protection,version 5 certainly goes a long way toward being accessible to all users,but there’s always room for improvement.

Makes sense . Thanks for the explanation !

Wisest thing written in these forums for a while now.

Ahmed is right Comodo ver 4 and 5 is not good as ver 3, I didn’t like Comodo until ver 3 but now I’m disappointed too :frowning: