About the cloud scanner

I hope that the cloud scanner does not detect malwares when the antivirus is disabled.

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It does. ;D
You have to disable cloud options in Defense+.

Does Defense+ automatically sandbox the white listed process when the cloud options is disabled?

I want

  1. the cloud scanner does not detect malwares

2.defense+ automatically trusts the process in the white list.

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Well, it should allow applications that are signed by vendors in your local TVL.
But it won’t trust an application which signature and processes are in cloud part of TVL.

That should change cause we heard promise about making complete TVL available locally.

How about adding an item there?

“Ignore Threats”

1.a user double clicks on an file

2.When the antivirus or the cloud scanner recognizes it as a malware, CIS does not popup an alert window and ignores the threat.

3.then CIS automatically sandbox it as partially limited(or limited, blocked,…,etc)

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How can the users do if they install firewall only?

I think that this should be put in Wishlist topic… :wink:
I’m still on v5.5… ;D

I agree moved.

add an item to defense+ settings

“Do not show the cloud scanner alerts (Block Threats/ Quarantine Threats)”

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i agree on the fact u wan strange things

but a t least one have sense,
let the comodo FIREWALL have an quarentine area, and exclusion for cloud scanning.
it would have sence if you are developper and are filling comodo employes to scan a file again and again