About the beta versions

  1. Has the beta versions lowered it’s impact of the system(a common complaint)?

  2. Has the beta versions lowered i’s usage of memory? I had this problem with beta 1. I used to have almost 2 million Kilobytes of memory but now I have 1.3.(1.4 if nothing is happening)


Yes, the new CAVS has had its resource useage reduced and has a lower system impact.


Yes, it seems to be reduced. And hopefully by the time CAVS 2 is ready for Prime Time, its CPU and RAM usage will have been reduced significantly.

Presently, with an “out of the box” installation experience, it gets the CPU’s attention and holds it dearly as if it was its very own, almost as though it were dedicated to its own purpose. I think it needs to learn to share a little more. :wink:

However, the CAVS 2 Betas continue to make progress; and hopefully when the time is truly ripe for CAVS 2 to be officially released into the world it will then be ready. But it’s not there yet.


I have noticed with this latest beta that my program startups and system startup have slowed down greatly. I also use Comodos latest beta of Firewall (

Now my system startup and taskbar appearing can take even 5 minutes and after that I’m able to do something with my computer. Also program starting from shortcuts takes extra time, when I click program or My Computer it can take almost couple of minutes until anything happens. After the program starts there is nothing wrong. So only startup is bugged.

I also have noticed that Comodo Antivirus takes considerable amount of my memory, thats good luck that I have 1 GB… This is what I see in task manager:
cavasm.exe - 43 000 K
cpf.exe (Comodo Firewall) - 18 664 K
CavEmsrv.exe (after checking my email with Thunderbird over hour ago) - 16 872 K
cmdagent.exe (is it Antivirus+Firewall?) - 8 908 K
CMain.exe (this is fairly good amount) - 5 428 K

So total taken by Comodo Antivirus and Comodo Firewall is about: 92872 K ~ 90 Mb with no scans and nothing going on. Just Firefox open so I can write this and both apps minimized. Is it kind of too much memory comsumption? :stuck_out_tongue: