About the aspects of the test that V3 failed to pass

Well, I notied that V3 had failed to pass 3 aspects of the test and I wonder why. My english is not good enough to discuss the details but I wish the staff or anyone to explain and discuss with me about them for I am really a zealous fan of Comodo and “totally security”. And I hope comodo will become perfect at least “overwhelming safe” :BNC

I think they tested there a bit older version, the updated version of v3 will pass all I think…

and i doubt comodo will pay again this site to test comodo FW.
we were not agree about some results and even with facts that prooved the problem, the site tried to find ways to escape from his mistakes that were not the attitude we were waiting for.
the site recognized once some error then we disagreed on others facts we showed that had impact on the FWs rank. so now there’s a site where anyone can access and post his own result on any FW he wants.
I’m not safe from errors when testing a product but if someone shows me my error, i will thank him and correct it.
it seems that was not the case for anyone.
actually the comodo testing group is not very active, especially myself. i didnt work on some test for long.
some member worked a lot on vista tests, made a big work.

“2008-03-25: We have received an email from ailef and MaratR with information about a security weakness in Online Armor Personal Firewall Free that was tested in our challenge recently. We have successfully verified the information that the tested version of Online Armor automatically allows various privileged actions if it receives no response from the user in a few minutes after the alert is shown. We would like to thank ailef and MaratR for their findings, we would like to apologize to our visitors and other vendors for possibly wrong results in case of Online Armor.
We have contacted the vendor of Online Armor and received the information that the latest version of this product, Online Armor Personal Firewall Free, does not suffer from the problem any more. To solve the problem with possibly wrong results, the vendor ordered a paid testing of its product. We have tested Online Armor Personal Firewall Free and found that the security hole was fixed and also that it passes all current Firewall Challenge tests. Online Armor is thus the first product with the perfect result in Firewall Challenge tests. We are going to implement new tests to the testing system in next months and try to violate its perfect score…”

it’s some article from the site, and the prob is that we found at this moment bugs that were in total opposition with this result, so that’s why u see some comodo build tested but not last one.
Melih didnt want to pay anymore to test comodo FW on this site.
now, i dont known how evoluated the testing method but some simple exploit was able to crash the product that was scoring perfect for the site, and i was sure of the result as the product had no flood protection. so with 100Mbits speed line, the product crashed in seconds, information was sending but it seemed it was not important.
so now, i can’t tell if this so easy security hole is fixed,
actually,outpost seems to be the best FW then online armor and comodo is ranking third place with some old build.
now, last comodo build maybe scores different, as all tests that bypassed comodo at this date were fixed.
when i say all, i’m not sure at 100% but comodo coders can easely reply on that.
so last comodo FW choice to protect your system is probably the best solution and with the fact that it’s a freeware, it’s clear that it’s terrible for other products, and it’s a great demo of Comodo security capacities.
no one can doubt about the level comodo can offer to their customers in the network security world when u see what they can do for free : just releasing one of the best FW (maybe the best) for xp and vista systems.
it’s not a fanatic attitude based on nothing concrete but after a lot of various tests during several weeks.
and yes it’s just my personal opinion, and i’m not an expert in the security world network. but I know that ME :wink: I don’t claim for what i’m not…

very nice story… Very good clarification… I agree with you! One of the best products of Comodo is indeed the firewall and every professional tester will agree with you that the amount of protection it gives for free is probably the best solution for users and enterprise users! (:WIN)

Ahh. I missed your posts ailef (:HUG). You can’t argue with them :slight_smile: