About some buddies and some sugestions and some complains

:-TD Hi Sadly i have in the need to worte this complain about geekbuddies. I see someone are more qualified to others, some one give more quality atention and check whith better disposition to others, and someone dont know the consecuences of their actions

I have one litle problem who turns in a nigthmare. When the lastest version of comodo 6 was relesed a few days ago before worte this post i have a litle problems to upgrade maybe my isp, maybe the servers bussy, maybe etc.

When one product dont install properly i start to question his functionality and want to test it. I know comodo has a diagnostic tool who says if it works well, but in version 6 i dont know where there are. I decide reinstall comodo and ask a geekbuddy (dont remember his name) to delete all past comodo instalations and reinstall again. I dont know what he does but i can not initalize on normal mode only in safe mode, i restore the system and the problem persist. The solution was use a system image on a DVD to restore all functionality, i lost a day of work.

Affter that issue i ask Peter help me to check if windows was damanged or comodo works well affter the upgrade, he only open comodo main window and say every thing was ok whith comodo and run a sfc scan now comand and says every thing was ok… He deelays two hours in that, i have to (rogar) (spanish) to help, ask help desesperatly. Comodo has a diastostic tool, and i think he can run it i dont know where is it, and he can test the comodo modules to check if every thing was ok. The users dont pay or ask help to open a main window every one can do that. he waste my time.

Please improve the atention and hear the users issues before conect, help whith disposition.

Not all are bad, joshua, and anothers buddies help me whith very qualified atention, help me in things i dont know to do, but for this time crash my pc and waste my time.

I dont pretend focus atention and dont pretend be agresive take as a constructive critic

I also have a similar issue. Most of the times, Geekbuddies took a long time to solve my issues. I better search the solution with Google, it can be faster than asking for Geekbuddy help.