About registry cleaners (xp)

Today is sunday, some time left for watching the Tour de France (a very tough mountain day, mountain is the only good thing in the Tour de France), and to make some computer cleaning, i had 2 or 3 unused softwares to get rid of.

I successively used 4 registry cleaners: Eusing Free, Auslogics, Regseeker, Revo Uninstaller Pro.

A particular thing with Regseeker is that it is the only one to report Comodo’s unused registry defense+ rules: a good gui way to purge these rules.

These registry cleaners show some common “junk” files and inscriptions, but each of them shows some that the others do not.

Even after using all four of them, manual inspection still shows leftover files on the harddisk and remaining inscriptions in the registry: as a consequence, no one is, either standalone or together, fully efficient.

Unless you might have a some idea of such a better working software, wouldn’t the right procedure be to use instead an installation monitoring software, and if so, what would be your advice?

The deeper a registry cleaner work, the greater possibility of doing mistakes and messing things.
I think Auslogic, CCleaner and Comodo System Cleaner have a good balance (never brought me problems).
Wise Registry Cleaner is dangerous. Could remove necessary keys and mess some programs.

This is a must have for firewall for me. Purge removed programs from its settings.

cccleaner found me yet another leftover key after the 4 other sotwares.

But doesn’t tell me if installation monitoring would not be in these conditions a better option, and if yes with what?

I think it does not monitor installations. Am I wrong?
Comodo Program Manager does.

No, it does not.

Revo does the job, but manually: not very convenient.

Where am i supposed to download Comodo Program Manager (or whatever similar software)?

OK, i found Comodo Program Manager (i usually hide the forum sections i never read).

Still a beta, it is advisable to use it now, or better wait?

It works very well in my virtual XP machine.
It couldn’t run in my Windows 7 one. Tried to ask for help here in forums and the only thing I’ve got is silence…

Gonna give it a try, but my xp “machine” is not virtual but real.

Never mind, even if it crashes everything and more, i have since a long time taken measures so as to restore everything including data without any loss in less than 3 hours.

No way: tries to connect to 2 http adresses immediately when launched (why, but still allowed), and crashes as soon.