about how CTM works

since i install ctm for first time im wondering why the free space said by ctm is the overall of all disk selected
then i suppose its for this reason, when a file is written in a disk, it may be writed in the free space of that disk OR in the free space of another protected disk.
in other words the file you write in a disk can really be in another partition or disk protedted by ctm.

i wan to confirm this because its important for reasons of performance, a disk can be faster than another one:
eq: windows is intalled on a 5200 rpm disk (ctm)
data are stored on a 7200 rpm disk (ctm)

then i install a game on my data disk, but ctm decides where to store it, as i suppose if ctm things the faster disk is full then the game files will be stored in the slow disk instead?

english is not my native language but i think i explained it well. ;D

Well, if you want to protect both disks, you need to live with that. Besides a better balance of the free space use, I see no reason for this is not an option that could be configurated into CTM.

thx for the fast reply but the situation i have told is only fictional, i only have one hard disk partitioned in 4

I think partitions will work like disks, i.e., the situation is the same.
I have one disk with 6 partitions. I use CTM to protect only the system one.