about firewall about work Different

I use firewall only,but i found the firewall work Different.The Same XP system,the same comodo firewall install software,the same software used to install.sometime the firewall do work Different.The software to install is pptv software,download from www.pptv.com.when i installing this pptv software,it will Connect to the network.sometime the comodo firewall get the Warning,sometime,it do nothing.This is do work Different. I do the install test under the english XP sp3 32bit and xp 64bit sp2.Both found do work Different.

Can you be describe in more detail what alerts you are receiving under what conditions? Can you post screenshots? Are the two CIS installations using the exact same settings?

I use GImageX 2.0.17 to backup my xp system, so I can do this test.I have two PC,one Desktop one Notebook,the Desktop use xp 64bit, the Notebook use xp 32bit. Both pc all install comodo firewall v5.0(the newest ver) and avast free ver. In the test, i start from Initial system backup,and already install the firewall and avast. Then i install the pptv software. Everytime use the same software in every pc. while the software installing, it will Connect to the network. Just then,the firewall shall warn me about it. But the firewall not do this every test.

The alerts warn me this pptv software want to Connect to the network. The firewall all use same settings. The firewall only install and use,not Adjust any parameters. so,just an ordinary alarm,the screenshots Unnecessary. the pptv software, if not allow it Connect to the network while installing. it only install the main part software. when allowed or not alert,it will add some bundle part software.The bundle part, i not need.