About E-ID

Here in Sweden we can use a electronic ID.
Do you have that in US or other countries?

You can have it in two ways.
A file on your computer or a USB key, or something similar.
On your credit card. You can have a card reader connected to your computer.
Mostly you download it through your bank or similar. It’s free.

I have a file on my computer, since i haven’t bought a card reader yet.
Is it safe Comodo (Melih)? Can you steel somebody’s identity easy?

Their website is http://techserv.nexuspartner.se/
Could Comodo make something like this?

Well we do have digital certificates that we give for free, check out free products page.
as to if your private key is safe in a PC.
well, its safe as long as someone is not coming after you. Cos if they do, then there is a good chance that they will get it somehow. However, its “safe-enough” in majority of the scenerios.


As Melih said and I would like to add, nothing is 100% safe on a pc or off for that matter. I did have things like this for my credit card on my pc a few years back, (well , wife did, I don’t know what she used, some id cert or something) no problem. However, a guy hacked the local bank ATMs, stole money from many people in the area, us included. It seems although we were in Miwalkee, we were here at the casino at the same time ::slight_smile: He was caught but of course no money returned to us. So, once again to quote Melih, if someone comes after you, if they want it, they can get it. It’s a gamble my friend. My pc was safe, but our money got taken by other means instead. It’s a toss up.


So you don’t use it?
We use it to identify ourselves on internet and sign documents, county/gov e-services, sign that painful yearly income-tax return if you do it on internet and handle your pharmacy prescriptions and so on.
I do not use it to log in to my bank.

Yes, I understand but wasn’t really touching on that point. I was more addressing your worry about security. :wink: Security is compromised no matter what we do. In my opinion, I don’t like to keep too much personal stuff on my pc but most of my issues have been in the real world instead, so this makes me wonder if the pc is safer, lol.


Maybe we should build a PC, big enough to live in… :wink: ;D