About download CIS v12.2.3.8026

Hi. I have CIS v12.2.2.8012, and no updates availables. I have notice there is new version of CIS (v12.2.3.8026).

Is it free for home users? In that case, where can I download it? I haven’t see the announcement or the links in the forum.

Thanks for your attention.

.8026 is CIS Pro which you can get from the main website: Best Internet Security Software 2022 | Antivirus Total Security but that installs a trial version of Pro and then there are warning messages about not being protected when that runs out. You should get a “Continue With Free Version” option but that’s a bit hit and miss.

TLDR - There aren’t any changes between .8012 and .8026 apart from the UI Change of calling itself “Pro” as “Complete” no longer exists. Bugs are being worked on and with any luck some updates “soon” but no ETA.

Your still fully protected despite it still being .8012 for some time now.

My version is 8032

Hi johnrambobt & Algebraist,

Thank you for reporting.
As Eric Cryptid said the Website downloads and installs the trial version of CIS pro.
So, kindly refer the below link if you would like to download CIS free v12.2.2.8012.
FYI: The team is working on List of current bugs and we will update you once the new CIS released.
[at]Eric Cryptid Thanks for supporting.


Thanks for your response, Eric Cryptid and C.O.M.O.D.O RT.

I will stay in version .8012.

Do you know if the next new CIS release will be trial or free? I have been using Comodo for years and want to continue with it :slight_smile:

Thanks for your attention!

CIS will always have a free version and probably easier to get directly from this forum :wink:

Hi johnrambobt,

CIS free is still in development process.
We will keep you posted.


THANKS for your response. I will stay tunned on the forum waiting for news.

Have both a nice day!