about comodo scan

i want to know comodo scaner is so slow scaning,or it is a bug? even on quick scan,scaning is slow in comparasion to others antiviruses…very strange …

Can you please provide:

  1. The specs for your computer. (OS, CPU, etc…)
  2. The number of files scanned.
  3. The version of CAV you are using.
  4. The time it takes to complete each type of scan.

ok i have windows 7 ultimate 32 bit,cpu amd athlon 64 3500+ at 2.2 ghz,ram=2gb…
numbers of files scaned around 100.000.
comodo internet security premium 4.1.150349.20
for full scan of 100.000 files takes about 1 hour.[very much time than the others antiviruses like avast,avg,nod32].

ty for your response…

That doesn’t seem excessively long.

I can, however, tell you that V5, which is still in Beta, is much faster.

Also, I’ve found that Avast usually takes longer to scan then Comodo. How long do other antiviruses take to scan your entire computer and have you configured them to scan inside archive files? Comodo does this by default.